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RY-LC Lightning Stroke Counter
RY-LC Lightning Stroke Counter

RY-LC Lightning Stroke Counter

Product ID : RY-LC
Product Description

Product Information

ALP LC 1500

Lightning counter ALP LC-1500 keeps record data for the number of lightning strikes after lightning system hit by lightning discharge.
It provides data for analyze the performance of lightning system.


·                   Counts up to 999,999 events before automatically resetting.

·                   ALP LC-1500 is always attached on down conductor.

·                   Quick and easy installation and no any external power required.

·                   Triggers pulse from 0.5~100kA.

·                   The digit reading of counter is triggered by every lightning stroke that coursed by lectromagnetic field of passing lightning energy.


The number of pulses displayed by the counter during the delivery corresponds to the routing test of the product.

·                   It must be placed on the down-conductor above the control joint and in all case, 2m above the ground.

·                   Fit to tape 30mm and round 6~8mm, without drilling or cutting conductors.

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