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Copper Bonded Earthing Rod
Copper Bonded Earthing Rod

Copper Bonded Earthing Rod

Product ID : RY-CBER
Product Description

Solid Copper Earth Rods are widely used in power plants, substation, transmission line tower,communication base stations, airports, railways, all kinds of high-rise buildings, microwave relay station,the networkcomputer room, grounding,oil refinery, oil depots and other places to anti-static grounding,protective grounding, working, etc.

In recent years, accidents caused by grounding device faults increased day by day among enterprises 

of petroleum, electricity, communication and so on, so that great importance was attached to reliability,

stability and service life of grounding devices. Therefore, electroforming copper cladding steel gradually 

substituted the traditional hot galvanized steel and hot fusion welding by right of its advantages of good  

conductivity performance, strong decay resistance, great tensile strength.


1.The purity of the copper which used as cladding is more than 99.95%.

2.The steel core is low carbon steel which the carbon content is about 0.15%.

3.The copper bonded ground rod will be capable of being through 90 at a maximum radius o100mm 

    with no copper fracture and with no ill effect on the bond between the steel and the copper cladding.

4. Good in anticorrosion that usage-life is more than 50 years, constant low resistance and good plasticity

    which has the characteristics of the pure copper.

5. The ground rod is fully covered with copper cladding without any cracks, holes, cavities etc

    Preventing exposure of the steel core to soil and moisture, so as to form a good corrosion resistance.

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