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Lightning Eliminators RYLE -XL 5
Lightning Eliminators RYLE -XL 5

Lightning Eliminators RYLE -XL 5

Product ID : RYLE-XL5
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New Product custom made RYLE XL lightning eliminator for lightning prevention



Model list:

RYLE-XL 3 Needles

RYLE -XL 5 Needles

RYLE -XL 7 Needles

RYLE -XL 9 Needles

RYLE -XL 11 Needles

RYLE -XL 13 Needles

RYLE -XL 15 Needles

RYLE -XL 17 Needles

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New Product custom made RYLE XL lightning eliminator for lightning prevention

The technology was introduced from the United States and studied by Wuhan Institute of High Voltage Research in 1977, after many high pressure tests and high fatigue and flow deepening tests, the lightning eliminator was manufactured with semiconductor non-metallic carbon fiber taper material. The selection of materials made a breakthrough in product results, which reduced the intensity of lightning and the number of lightning strikes on building protectors, and the electric field above the lightning eliminator. Distribution. Thematic research on the electric field current, different types of eliminators and different needle numbers of eliminators under thundercloud action, and deepening the product design structure of eliminators. In the same year, the results of the survey on its operation were analyzed and counted. Lightning eliminator has been installed 66310 sets since it was put into operation in 1977. Its products are distributed in more than 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions. It is widely used in lightning protection devices of power, microwave stations, communication and navigation, weather radar, substations, medical institutions, bridges and other important facilities.



The products can be installed on top of 20-150 meters tower with grounding resistance of 2Ωto 20Ω, above the protective objects and with many pointed electrodes. The ionization device consists of a ground current collecting device arranged in the surface layer and a connecting line connecting the two devices. The ionization device maintains the earth potential roughly in the thundercloud strong electric field. The potential difference between the device and the nearby air will cause the air near the tip of the needle to ionize with the sharp increase of the thundercloud electric field intensity, forming a large number of space charges. Generally, the lower layer of thundercloud is negative charge, and ground induction generates positive charge. The negative charges of ionization are absorbed by the ground current collector. The positive charge of ionization is attracted by the negative charge of thundercloud and neutralized by the special carbon fiber material (tested 30CW electric resistance 2Ω) of lightning eliminator semiconductor.

 Product characteristics:



1. The charge generated by tip discharge neutralizes the charge in thundercloud to reduce part of downward lightning strike.

 2. The current limiting effect of RYLE-XL resistor impedes the development of the upstream leader to eliminate the upward development of lightning.

 3. The resistance characteristic of RYLE-XL restricts the amplitude and steepness of lightning current of downward thunder which is not neutral, and greatly weakens its harmfulness.

 4. The special shape of the end enhances the attraction ability of downward mine. The shielding effect of space charge generated by the tip discharge weakens the ground field strength near the lightning eliminating device, thus enlarging the protection range.

 5. Strong wind resistance, 50 m/s wind resistance.

 6. The grounding resistance can be relaxed properly in the area of high soil resistance, but it should be less than 30Q.

Major models:


Notes: The specifications of lightning protection devices can be customized according to customers' requirements.

Technical parameter:

Notes: The specifications of lightning protection devices can be customized according to customers' requirements.

Working principle:

RYLE-XL lightning eliminator is a new generation of high-efficiency lightning protection device developed by our company. Lightning eliminator is composed of ionization device, connecting wire and grounding device (as shown in the figure), which is designed by using the tip discharge principle of metal needle electrode. Under the action of thundercloud electric field, when the tip electric field intensity reaches a certain value, the surrounding air will be free and leave under the action of electric field force, and the other air molecules that replace it will be free one after another. In this way, ionic currents flow from the tip of the metal to the surrounding area. With the increase of potential, the ion current increases exponentially. When lightning occurs over RYLE-XL lightning eliminators and protected equipment, lightning eliminators and the surrounding land all sense charges opposite to the polarity of thundercloud charges. An ionization device equipped with needle-like electrodes enables a large amount of charges of the earth to be emitted by the needle-like electrodes under the thundercloud electric field and move towards the direction of thundercloud. The thundercloud is neutralized and the lightning electric field is weakened.

Negative charges from the metal tip are neutralized by the semiconductor carbon fibers at the end of the lightning eliminator and positive charges at the surface, thus preventing the protected objects from being struck by lightning.

The function of RYLE-XL lightning eliminator is to make the microsecond, The kiloampere-level transient process is converted into seconds, slow discharge process of ampere stage, so as to reduce the induced overvoltage that may occur to a harmless level and achieve the purpose of "lightning protection and disaster elimination".

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